These four authors are the same person. That's to say, me. It’s me who wrote the critical text of this book. Therefore Giorgio Barrera has written the texts, has realized the interviews and has made the art works of four different authors who, in fact, are himself. The artists name are Seoirse Bacainn which, in Irish, means Giorgio Barrera, Gorka Oztopo is my first and last name in Basque. In Hungarian Hindrun = Barrier = Barrera, Jorge means Giorgio in Spanish, Solinas is my mother’s Sardinian surname.

I created relations of mutual influence among the authors' works to reflect upon the roles of the contemporary artist and the activity of the curator.


Questi quattro autori sono la stessa persona.

Cioè sono io. Io che ho scritto il testo critico di questo libro. Quindi, Giorgio Barrera, cura il testo e le interviste e ha realizzato i lavori di quattro autori differenti che in realtà sono lui stesso. Gli artisti si chiamano Seoirse Bacainn che significa Giorgio Barrera in Irlandese, Gorka Oztopo è il mio nome e cognome in Basco, in Ungherese Hindrun=Barriera=Barrera, Jorge è Giorgio in spagnolo, Solinas è il cognome sardo di mia madre.

Ho voluto creare reciproche influenze tra i lavori degli autori per riflettere sul ruolo dell'artista contemporaneo e l'attività del curatore.

Self Made Books

La perdita dell'innocenza è un'inchiesta iconografica sugl'anni noti come "della strategia della tensione".


Loss of innocence is an iconographic review about the years known as "the strategy of tension".


The aim of this research is to underline that those images do show something that happened in real life. They aren't just memories: they still are events, facts. And these facts are the premises and the causes of what people of my age have inherited. These unpredictable, unthinkable, obscure events that blemished, marked and scared and still scar almost an entire unconcious generation.

When I crashed into these images I had the feeling of having an indigestion a regurgitation. A vague remembrance started to climb up from my bowels. The memories weren't located only in my brain but all over inside my body. Those images have never been digested.

They still wanted, needed and also strive for being helpful: they had not yet lost their will to communicate and to be shown again, becuase, in a nutshell, they still belong to our dayly life, to our present.

Free Profiles is a paperback of 119 pages made with a glossy coated paper

size 23,5x29,7

Loss of Innocence is a paperback of 84 pages made with a matt usomano paper

size 23,5x29,7