Loss of Innocence

Loss of Innocence


This research is to underline these images must be read. They aren't just memories: they still are events, facts.  These are the unpredictable, unthinkable, obscure events that blemished, marked and scared and still scar almost an entire unconcious generation.

When I crashed into these images I felt a regurgitation. A vague remembrance started to climb up from my bowels. The memories weren't located only in my brain but all over inside my body. Those images have never been digested.

They still wanted, needed and also strove for being helpful: they had not yet lost their will to communicate and to be shown again, becuase, in a nutshell, they still belong to our present.

La perdita dell'innocenza è un'inchiesta iconografica sugl'anni noti come "della strategia della tensione".


Loss of innocence is an iconographic review about the years known as "the strategy of tension".

«ogni storia è storia contemporanea»